November 2, 2018

Turning over a New Leaf - Article from The Rye Record

By: Janice Fabry

Turning Over a New Leaf

By Janice Llanes Fabry

After successful and distinguished careers in finance, Patricia Moores and Hilary Tuohy decided to parlay their extensive experience and their commitment to financial literacy into a more meaningful venture. They’ve brought the services of New Leaf Financial Advisory to the East Coast to help individuals craft sustainable and long-term financial strategies.

“We offer a unique perspective,” noted Moores. “We wanted to do something to partner with women through life’s transitions when they need to make the most meaningful financial choices. We’re setting the tone for a new conversation about their financial health.”

To that end, Moores and Tuohy offer complimentary evening monthly seminars at Serendipity Labs on Theodore Fremd Avenue. They recently presented “Demystifying Your Tax Return” and on November 13 are offering “Your Ideal Insurance Package”, which will include both health and life insurance, long-term care, and accidental death and disability. Upcoming topics include year-end stock market updates, choosing a financial advisor, mortgages, retirement, and estate planning.

Although New Leaf’s target market is women in transition, men are welcome and have been attending their seminars as well. In addition, complimentary monthly “Divorce and Separation” workshops are offered during the day.

“We’re creating a community that provides women with information to ensure they have a clear understanding of their financial picture,” Tuohy remarked. “We aim to break the taboo around money talk and to educate and empower women, so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions based on their needs.”

New Leaf Financial Advisory was initially founded in 2008 in California as a financial planning practice for families preparing for divorce by Moores’ sister Laurie Fried. She, too, had 25 years in institutional finance under her belt and was eager to forge a more personal connection to her work. Moores and Tuohy felt they could fill a niche here and expanded New Leaf earlier this year.

“We were on the fourth tee one Wednesday morning trying to figure out a way to use our skills for something more worthwhile,” recalled Tuohy.

“We understand women have a unique financial journey which brings meaningful rewards and challenges,” said the pair. “They are far likelier to take time off from their jobs for parenting and caregiving of both parents and spouses resulting in a significant loss in earnings over their lifetime.” They continued, “Gender gaps around money exist, not because women lack the education or intelligence, but because they might lack the knowledge and confidence.”

According to a Merrill Lynch report, that monetary discrepancy translates into a $1,055,000 cumulative earnings gap between men and women at retirement age.

New Leaf Financial Advisory’s range of services includes retirement and inheritance, the loss of a loved one, and millennial financial planning. For people considering or going through a divorce, Tuohy and Moores offer a myriad of services that encompass budget analysis, financial forensics, evaluating and negotiating assets, settlement proposals, and carrying out post-divorce terms.

“What distinguishes us is our personal approach and the fact that our focus is on educating and empowering women to manage their wealth,” remarked Moores.

The two avid 18-holers have more than golf and friendship in common. They both have strong credentials, Tuohy an MBA and Moores a law degree. They are both Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFAs) and each has recently acquired her Series 65 license which qualifies them as Investment Advisor Representatives. In addition, the two are on the board of directors of My Sisters’ Place, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and human trafficking.

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Hilary Tuohy and Patricia Moores

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