February 7, 2019


By: New Leaf Financial Advisory

Your Hosts:  Hilary Tuohy, Patti Moores & Kiri Maponya

  • Tired of feeling emotionally beat down and overwhelmed by the divorce process?

  • Worried about the impact this is having on your children?

  • Wondering if you will ever be okay and find happiness and peace of mind again?

  • Divorce does not have to be one of the worst and craziest thing that’s ever happened to you.

  • New Leaf Financial advisors Patti Moores and Hilary Tuohy are  speaking at the ground-breaking Battle-Free Divorce Summit hosted by Kiri Maponya, and we would love for you to join us.

20+ Divorce Experts and Thought-Leaders Share the Keys to Navigating Divorce with Clarity, Sanity and Sensibility so you can find your way to a Reasonable and Realistic Resolution and Peace of Mind.

Our virtual summit officially kicks off on February 4th, and it’s totally free to attend.