Our Story

New Leaf was formed to a create a community for women around financial education and empowerment particularly for those facing life transitions. All of our clients have the same goal: to gain knowledge and control over their finances leading to greater well-being. We assist in achieving that goal through a fine balance of education, guidance and support.

About Us

Every Transition is Personal. Let us help.

Life's transitions can unsettle our foundation at the time we most need to make meaningful financial choices. Whether it is divorce, retirement, sudden loss of a loved one or inheritance, we will work with you to ensure you understand your financial position and have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions. We can also work with you to craft sustainable and long-term financial strategies based on your needs.

As your financial advisor, we are your advocate. While our approach is technically strong, it is complemented by compassion and an understanding of your situation. We have walked in your shoes.

We recognize that clients often play different roles in relationships when it comes to finances. Each of our clients comes from a different perspective, but ultimately all want to understand their finances so that they have choices about how they lead their lives.